Friday, July 16, 2010

Journal Entry Ten: Metaphor Advertisement

This is an ad for Always Infinity Feminine Care. The text below the ad says, "Bends with you. Twists with you. Rolls with you. Always Infinity does. With its amazingly absorbent, unbelievably flexible core, it adapts more, absorbs more and bounces back more than those other pads*. Just like magic. Have a happy period."

The metaphor in this ad is the phrase, "Just like magic." I, personally, do not think that this ad works. I think that just the phrase in itself is really overused. I feel like I have heard "It's like magic" so many other times. I just don't think it's very original. It is kind of related to the product but, not that much because you could use this metaphor for many other products as well.

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