Monday, July 12, 2010

Journal Entry Five: Symbols

This is my restroom symbol. The idea of it is that the world has come to be segregated between male and female and the females, the "sophisticates", have taken the upper-class. The males, the "dum-dums", are now depicted as naive cavemen while nthe females are depicted as high-class women.

This is my symbol for a fire extinguisher sign. This sign is for a world where animals have begun to run wild among the city streets and a baby elephant is all you need now to put out fires.

This is my symbol for the executive's washroom. This is meant to be a parody to kind of make fun of having an upper-class restroom. The toilet in the symbol is an executive office chair with a toilet seat and hole in the middle.

This is my symbol for the parking garage. It is supposed to be funny because it takes the term parking garage literally and a home-style parking garage is drawn. When in reality this symbol would be depicting a five story parking garage or something along those lines.

This symbol is for an exit sign. It is supposed to be funny because it is very absurd, blunt, and straight-forward. It is a very informal sign as opposed to the expected formal and plain lit-up green sign.

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