Friday, July 23, 2010

Journal Entry Fourteen: Advertisement - Verizon

The last advertisement was found in the magazine, Maxim, a magazine targeted primarily towards men. It is an advertisement for one of the services that Verizon offers called V CAST where you can watch television on your phone. In this specific advertisement, Verizon uses the NHL to promote their product. The advertisement has a photograph of some hockey player getting rough over the edge of the arena and a fan in the middle who looks extremely scared. There is big white text on the ad that says, “You wouldn’t make it in the NHL.” It is supposed to be funny and at the same time promote the “toughness” of the sport and remind hockey fans why they watch it. At the same time, it may make them want to watch the sport at that very moment. This is where Verizon comes in. They say, “But you can get inside with V CAST. Download exclusive videos, watch highlights, get scores, stats and all the NHL action you can handle. Only on V CAST.” Verizon uses the NHL to promote their product because now fans of the NHL will link it to Verizon and hopefully use their services. The hockey payers within the ad function as signs. The signifier is the hockey players getting all roughed up in the ice rink and the signified is the competition and action of the NHL. The advertisement is very effective because it gives readers a reason to subscribe to V CAST.

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