Thursday, July 29, 2010

Journal Entry Sixteen: Logos & Color Meaning

The Starbucks logo is green and black. Green is very calming and refreshing which is why it is used in many hospitals and Starbucks is probably using it to portray the atmosphere within the coffee shop. Power is associated with elegance which might be a trait that Starbucks wants to associate with their company. There is no color harmony that the colors green and black have but, green is a tertiary color, meaning it is the result of combining the two primary colors: blue and yellow. Black is the result of combining all three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.

McDonald’s logo is red, yellow, and white. Red is thought to be the most emotionally intense color so it is probably used in the McDonald’s logo to help grab people’s attention. Red is also an appetite stimulant so it is being used as a scheme to make people hungry. Yellow is an optimistic color so McDonald’s probably uses it to inspire their customers about the service they have to offer. Red and yellow are part of the triadic color scheme, red, yellow, and blue.

The FedEx logo is blue-violet (purple) and red-orange (orange). Purple is sought to mean royalty and sophistication which might help FedEx to communicate that they are superior to other packaging companies. Orange can mean enthusiasm, determination, and success which are all great qualities that a company wants to have. Orange also has a very high visibility. The colors blue-violet and red-orange are part of the triadic color scheme, blue-violet, red-orange, and yellow-green.

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