Friday, July 23, 2010

Journal Entry Thirteen: Advertisement - Thor

The second ad found was in Dirt Rider magazine, a magazine targeted towards people who ride dirt bikes. It is a very simple advertisement with an image of a boot repeated across the page and the text “fit, style, function.” It also has the Thor logo in the bottom left-hand corner. It is very simple but, catchy and effective. The denotation in this advertisement is the boot and the raw materials used to make it and the connotation is that you will be as good as all of the pro-riders featured within the magazine if you wear them. They would only advertise what the pros use in this magazine right? The cultural myth used within this magazine is seen a lot in today’s society. It is if you wear a certain brand name product that you will be as good as the famous who wear Thor or that you will look cool. However, the functionality of the boot is probably about the same as a cheaper boot that is not a brand name boot. This is why the advertisement is so simple. They don’t need to make it too complex because as soon as they put their name on it, Thor, in the bottom-left hand corner, it becomes completely credible. The advertisement is making a play on the established identity of the company. Repetition is also a very effective technique in making advertisements memorable. Overall, the advertisement is very effective in its simplicity and successfully reminds viewers of Thor products.

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