Friday, July 9, 2010

Journal Entry Four: Arrows





















Arrow number 1 was found in my shower and it is used to signify which direction to turn the handle to make the water hot or cold. Arrow number 2 was found on a map in my apartment complex and its purpose is to tell you your location within the complex. Arrow number 3 was found on my DVD/ VCR player and there are multiple arrows used, each a different signifier of a specific action (the signified). For instance the single arrow facing right is the play button and the arrow facing up with the line underneath it is the eject button. Each arrow is used in a different manner to signify something different. Arrow number 4 was found on my remote control. The arrows do not have their tails but, the one facing up signifies volume increase and the one facing down means volume decrease. Arrow number 5 was found on a carton of eggs in my refrigerator. The arrow is directing your eyes to the sell by date. Arrow number 6 was found on a candle in my living room. The shape of the arrow is not directly seen but the corner of the label is a different color therefore it resembles an arrow. The purpose of this arrow is instructing you to peel the label off starting at that arrow. Arrow number 7 was found as I was on my way home. It is in the middle of the road and appears on a sign. This arrow is informing the driver that there is a center median which you are about to go around. Arrow number 8 was found as I was driving as well. It signifies a turn lane in the road. Arrow number 9 was, once again, found as I was driving and it signifies that there is a stop sign ahead and is approaching soon. The next arrow, number 10, was found on the subway sign. It is a part of their logo and does not signify a specific location or direction but rather signifies the actual “subway.” The next arrow, number 11, I found quite amusing it is directing traffic towards a blocked off area. This was found through the McDonalds drive thru. The next arrow, number 12, was also found in the McDonalds drive thru and signifies the same thing, direction traffic is supposed to go. However, it takes on a different form. Negative space is colored yellow to give the optical illusion that the arrow is there when it really is not. Arrow number 13 was found on a gas pump. Its purpose is to tell the customer that they may retrieve their receipt from that location after it prints. Arrow number 14 was found on a newspaper dispenser in my apartment complex and it is signifying the customer that they may have their coins refunded to them by pressing the button that the arrow is pointing too. Arrow number 15 was found on top of a residential street sign. Its purpose is to warn the driver that there will be a dead end and the road will not be continuous if you make a right turn. Arrow number 16 was found on the dryer in the laundry mat. Its purpose is to give the user directions as to which dryer you are using when you put coins into a specific coin slot. Arrow number 17 was found beneath a clock within the laundry room and it is signifying that if you look at the clock at a specific moment you will find what time it is. The next arrow, number 18, was found on a snack vending machine. It is instructing the customer where to insert their money. Arrow number 19 was found within a residential neighborhood and is instructing the driver that there will be a left-hand turn coming up and that they should caution it. The very last arrow, number 20, was found within the laundry mat on one of the washers. It is part of a sequence of directions and it is informing the user that step 4 consists of closing the washer lid.

All of the different arrows that I found were very interesting. It is cool to see how many different ways that a single symbol can be used. It is obvious now that if I were to be given a flash card with a single arrow on it, I would not be able to identify exactly what it was signifying.

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