Friday, July 23, 2010

Journal Entry Twelve: Advertisement - L'Oreal

The first ad was found in Allure magazine which typically targets women audience. The advertisement is for L’Oreal’s Color Smokes Shadows. It is a part of their professional Studio Secrets line. The advertisement has a beautiful lady on the left who is modeling the smoky eye shadow and some brief text on the right with a picture of what the packaged product looks like. The text advertises, “Smoky Eyes in Shades That Enhance Your Eye Color.” At the very bottom of the page they include instructions to “dramatize your eyes in 4 easy steps.” The denotation of the woman on the left is that she is a model wearing eye shadow and the connotation to the readers is fame, glamor, and to be sexy. The way readers interpret the model makes them want to purchase the product so that they can look “pretty” like the model in the photograph. The cultural myth used within this advertisement consists of the properties and meanings that we attach to makeup, specifically eye shadow. Because of the way makeup has been used in the media and by the famous for years and years, we attach attributes such as “sexiness,” fame, and gorgeousness to it. The character in the ad, the model, functions as a sign because she is a symbol for beauty. The signifier is the eye shadow on the model and the signified is beauty. The instructions for achieving the smoky eye effect are also included. This works very effectively because now being beautiful is within the readers grasp. All they have to do is follow those four easy steps. All of the elements within this advertisement work very effectively for L’Oreal to try and sell their product.

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