Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Journal Entry One: WHO are you?

This is the symbol that I feel best describes me. There are different things within this cracked light bulb that symbolize me as an individual. The very first thing is the most obvious, the light bulb. The light bulb symbolizes intelligence which refers to things in my life such as college. Next is the cracking on the light bulb which symbolizes stress and tension which play a huge role in my life because of my health issues. After that, is the female symbol which can be seen in the thickest line weight in the image. And within the female symbol is a cross which shows the importance of religion in my life. Lastly, the top of the light bulb is a sun which symbolizes happiness and my desire to strive to be happy at all times of my life.

This symbol shows how I think a complete stranger would define me. The simple fact that I am a female is about all the observation they could make about me along with any other physical observations. This is just a piece of the symbol of how I view myself with everything else "erased." Most people in society don't care to look any further than what they see at first glance.

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